When Defining Paths To Python Modules

This time I decided to share some understanding of Python paths which seemed a bit confusing if you ask me initially of diving into Python. I am dealing with Django in different platforms like Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, therefore the common patterns how to trigger new python modules in every of those conditions should be acquainted to me.

When defining paths to python modules, you will usually need to cope with the last-mentioned ones. A module is meant to be under-python path when you can run python and import that module. For example, when you can run the next, then django is under your python path. Keep tuned in to get deeper into python paths. This will duplicate the module into the site-packages directory website of the current python set up.

It might be you have multiple Python variations on your computer. Or you can use Maximum EasyInstall for setting up python modules faster even. But sometimes you shall need the latest and best versions of your modules directly from the version control system. To make them accessible from python you should either check them out right to site-packages (very messy and inflexible) or keep them somewhere else and do some additional magic.

You can create symbolic links (symlinks) in unix-based systems like Linux or Mac OS X. A symlink is similar to a shortcut to an index or file. If you develop a symlink in site-packages, which points to a python module which is located somewhere else, it shall work as if the component was copied into site-packages. But as I’ve already mentioned, this works only in Unix-based environments, and you can’t use shortcuts in Windows for the same purpose. Those files should be placed in site-packages and can be called whatever you want them to call. Then django and your project files will be importable in python.

However, it’s likely you have no permissions to make data files under site-packages or you might need to stimulate different locations of python modules for different projects. The other way is to set additional paths for python before working the externally held modules just. This is done by setting the python paths to the surroundings variable PYTHONPATH. Remember that python pathways point never to the modules themselves again, but to their parent directories! The syntax differs among different systems.

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Multiple pathways can be separated by a colon (“;”). PYTHONPATH can be utilized in scripts and web server configuration files, but it is not very comfortable in daily use. For the projects that you develop and which should run as standalone applications, you can set the mandatory python pathways relatively inside your python code. When you import a module, it is loaded from the first location which provides the required module. So if you have two pathways to different django versions in your python pathways and you transfer django, the django version from the first location shall be used.

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