Turning My Dormant Account Into A High Performing UITF Investment

While updating mine’s and my wife’s balance sheets two weeks ago, my wife noticed that one of my bank or investment company accounts was not incurring any comes back and remain latent with the lender. It was my non-interest bearing bank checking account with China Banking Corporation that i used to issue post dated checks to acquire our properties.

Most of our bank or investment company accounts were linked with our paper asset investments as arrangement accounts while the balances were maintained to the required total acquire interests. Since we stop buying real estate property greater than a year ago to focus more of our resources in building our paper resources on long-term, there is no transaction finished with the said bank account.

Disgusted within the huge charges that was billed against my accounts, I asked the bank staff to close it instead. Though bit, I had been frustrated about the cash that was lost due to my ignorance of my bank’s dormancy period and the corresponding charges in the event I defaulted. Thinking about creative ways on how to regain the cash I simply lost, I went straight to the close by BDO Unibank just across Antipolo Cathedral to open an ATM Savings account. While my ATM account application had been processed, I ask the branch manager if at the same time, I can also apply for investment participation with BDO Equity Fund.

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She fondly obliged while asking me easily am also interested to participate with BDO’s Easy Investment Plan (BDO EIP). I said “yes” while thanking her for the kind service that she acquired extended if you ask me. In a full hour of putting your signature on the required documents, I could open up my BDO ATM account and at the same time deposited my money to be bought for my units of involvement with BDO Equity Fund. Today after fourteen days with the account How’s my preliminary fund involvement with BDO Equity Account doing? To share with you, here are the data about my fund.

Over the years, I realised even if we follow another successful investor’s style, we may still not be successful in investing. It is because no two investor shall have the same capital or the same portfolio for trading. Everyone folks invest different amounts to every individual stock and possess different variety of stocks in our portfolio.

5000 in the same stock. I’ve also come to understand that risk management is very important in stocks investing. How I deal with risk is easy, if I feel that a certain stock is my profile is risky, I will reduce my exposure in it. Risk can be in the form of declining profits, poor industry outlook, uncertainties and poor balance sheet. There’s always a chance with under-performing stocks but my own preference is never to have too much exposure in it. That’s why many people say its a punt for speculative stocks and shares which is risky by nature. For stable stocks and shares and those with a solid balance sheet, I’d increase my exposure in it.