Dr Renita Rajan MD DNB

Sometimes, skin care may sound challenging and overpowering. What’s the minimum amount that you should be doing? When there is one recommendation from your dermatologist, what would that be? The solitary most important part of anti aging and pores and skin rejuvenation is the utilization of sunscreens – regularly and adequately. So, how to choose a good sunscreen? So that it is vital to have the ability to make a sensible choice – and the ultimate way to make it happen is by learning from your errors. You may have to undergo several products before you find the sunscreen that best suits your skin layer.

At our center, sunscreens are not recommended but chosen by the patients/ clients who try various samples to choose a comfortable product, and we have found that with this technique the usage compliance is close to 90%! That is highly important as we realize the success of many of our antiageing/ skin brightening protocols are influenced by proper sunscreen use. So the first rung on the ladder in choosing a sunscreen is compliance – your capability to use it comfortably, after day.

1. Gel-based sunscreens are better for humid days than cream/ greasy bases which go better for air-conditioned/ cold environments. 2. Choose 2 sunscreens – one for sweaty times, and one for dry days. 3. Sunscreens have to be applied even though you are indoors, especially if there is exposure to UV /visible light from notebooks/ computer systems/ cell phones/ tubelights.

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4. Sunscreens take at least 20 minutes to work, so factor this into your schedule for best results. 5. Each day Sunscreens needs to be applied at least 2- three times in, more if you are outdoors often. 6. Sunscreens are ideal for babies over the age of 6 months, in the case of more youthful newborns sunlight avoidance is advocated. 7. All sun exposed areas have to be covered with sunscreen, like the tactile hands and feet.

Usage of appropriate clothing helps a great deal in safeguarding the extremities from sunlight damage. 8. Post any method like a chemical peel or a LASER resurfacing, sunscreens need to be applied every 4 hours throughout the procedure downtime. 10. Vitamin D insufficiency is quite typical nowadays, and sunscreen use can aggravate it.

So it is important to keep a watch on your serum Vitamin D levels while using sunscreen. From day 1 of utilization Do not expect sunscreens to set your complexion glowing. Sunscreens are preventative, and it could take time, sometimes years, to begin to see the huge benefits. You could consider the sunscreen habit as like the brushing habit – we clean our teeth daily to safeguard our teeth. Similarly, use sunscreens daily to safeguard your skin!

Always use a brow color that is 2 shades LIGHTER than your hair color. If you’re blonde, use a very pale, light dark brown. If you’re a redhead, go the same route. If your locks are black, USUALLY DO NOT use dark to fill in your brows! Get one of these dark gray Instead, whether it’s dyed or a parish.

Brows are normally lighter on the ends – keep the majority of the color in the middle of your eyebrows, and fade as you go outwards carefully. Even though you like to use pencils to complete your brows, use a nice brush to blend and fade the color to make it look natural. Angled eyeliner brushes are ideal for this – they are extremely precise. Your brush strokes should imitate the hairs in your brows, of just sweeping directly across instead. Use concealer to make your brows stick out really!

It protects the skin against the severe sun. Takes a while to see changes. With regards to the best natural skincare brands, we believe you can go for Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Moisturizer as it includes certified organic things that are best for the skin. It has hydrating and moisturizing properties that can repair and refresh broken skin. When you have dry skin, this skin care product can bring the dampness on your skin layer back.