They Sell Their Products In Canada

I owned this stock (TSX-AGF) at one time. It had been bought by me in 2001 and sold stock in 2006 and 2008. I made a return of just over 2% per year. I sold it because the business was having troubles and I possibly could not see that they might get much better anytime soon.

This company is on the dividend lists I follow of Dividend Achievers and Dividend Aristocrats (see indices). But remember that not absolutely all companies on these dividend achievers lists are great investments. 4M of buying. I do not think we learn anything from this report. The selling is significantly less than .2% of this stock’s market capitalization. Most of the analysts’ recommendations on this stock are a Hold.

  • Payment made towards NABARD notified bonds
  • 844 satisfied customers
  • Brand New 4-plexes in Spring, TX (north Houston) Large Units – $650,000 per 4-plex
  • Laid down by SEBI

I also I find Buy and Underperform recommendations and one Sell suggestion. The consensus suggestion would be a Hold. There is always one analyst that remarks that you may make more income in investing in a Mutual Fund company than buying Mutual Funds. Also described is the fact that since the 2008 crash, a complete bundle is within Money Market Funds and bond money.

This means that the majority of money is sitting on the sidelines because of anxious investors. This sort of thing happens after everyone-market crash. Analysts also remark that this company is cheap, however, not value for money. 14.47. In recent years the stock price low has been just over 60% less than the Graham Price.

So, this stock has already established recent lower relative stock prices. The dividend produce on this stock is also good set alongside the history. The current yield is 7.1% and the 5-yr average is 4.3%. However, the dividend yield has reached levels over 12% over the past 2 years. I guess the very last thing to look at is the Price/Book Value Ratio.

The 10-yr average is 2.11 and the current P/B ratio is just 1.14. So the current P/B proportion is just over 50% less than the 10-season average. So, looking over the pricing ratios which I follow, this stock does look cheap relatively. However, I trust analysts that think this company is not a good buy. I would like to view it increase its cash flow and revenues before I would even consider buying it again.