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At the Massachusetts Historical Society’s Beehive blog, Nicole Breault has shared a sample of her research into the town watch of eighteenth-century Boston. This snapshot is from the fall of 1768, soon after models of the British army began to arrive from Canada and Ireland. The Boston government had responded by strengthening the nightly watch, the small squads of men patrolling different parts of town, each under the command of the constable of the watch. November 1768 In, three constables of the watch filed monthly reports and formal problems with the city selectmen charging that officials of the regiments used strong language and dangers of violence to concern watch power.

John Martin of the South End watch reported that one of his watchmen was “asolted,during the night ” struck by an officer of one the regiments for inquiring who was walking. Benjamin Burstick of the Townhouse watch filed a complaint about the threats officers made against their watch unit. Edward Ireland of the Dock Square watches showing five separate occurrences, two in his complaint and four in his monthly report. The complaint written by Ireland is located here in the MHS collection. The fact an “officer,” not just a regular soldier, was assailing the watch this way fits into my theory that area of the conflict on Boston’s streets in 1768 was class-based.

British army officials were from the genteel class. Watchmen were men from the middling and laboring course. This official felt that such men “had no business to hail an officer.” Meanwhile, the watchmen and the selectmen who employed them wanted all the social people in Boston, including gentlemen of the army, to response to local law.

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  1. Position Id
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  4. Including significant cooperation aspects within the context of decisions
  5. Who can pay for the project
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