Personal Grooming Expenses (incl. Makeup) Tax Deductions

If your task requires you to buy make up or other personal grooming expenses, you might be able to claim your cash at tax time back again. However, the ATO is strict when it comes to claims for personal grooming expenses. And generally, costs on makeup products such as make up, grooming, and personal treatment is deemed ‘private’ in character and not tax deductible. Depending on your profession and work-related use for your purchased cosmetics, you might be permitted to claim personal grooming expenses as tax deductions and increase your tax refund! We’ve come up with these taxes deductions guide to help you figure out what personal grooming expenditures you can and can’t claim on your next tax come back.

When can you make a claim? Who can claim personal grooming expenditures? You work within an aircraft cabin. If it is of complete importance that you maintain a well-groomed image for your company, which requires you to use skin moisturizers and locks conditioners to overcome the lack of moisture and pressurization.

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You are a Cosmetic or Make-up musician and you get the make-up for use on your clients. You can’t declare if you are using the same make-up for personal use. You are a performing artist and purchase the price of a hairstyle which is necessary for a role you are carrying out in (not valid for auditions). You can also claim the price of maintaining a particular style or haircut within a costume for continuity purposes.

Performing performers can also state the price of tinted contacts or special glasses that are required for a role. They need to be cosmetic and must be for a role you have already attained, no audition. You are unable to declare a deduction for prescription connections or glasses as the ATO classifies those as a private expense for an individual condition.

Do I need receipts? It helps prevent ATO troubles that could cost you thousands on later. It helps you keep an eye on items that’ll boost your refund every year. Remember, the ATO requires receipts for claimed expenses – and yes, they do check. In fact, the ATO can now examine your bank-account records and other sources to check that you will be claiming honestly.

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