Need Assistance Writing Your First / Next Sustainability Report?

There may be one thing empowering about Liberty Global’s 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report – and it’s not solely the title. While Liberty Global could also be referring to “Empowering Positive Change by Digital”, the truth is that this report is an empowering experience for most who read and publish stories. 22 pages, this is the shortest, but probably the most highly effective report yet from Liberty Global.

It’s a full 10 pages shorter than 2015, and lower than half the length of the (first) 2011 Report .. There’s a certain skill to delivering extra performance, writing fewer phrases and, at the same time, producing a Corporate Responsibility Report that will get the message through, is G4-compliant and actually, very interesting.

Liberty Global not solely continues to improve sustainability efficiency; with each report, the reporting staff demonstrates better ability in articulating it succinctly. In my post about the 2015 report, I offered the 4 courses of factors that explain this successful formula. First, get the strategic framework right. Second, be utterly selective about what to incorporate and what to exclude. Third, after you have selected the content material and stories, keep the narrative compact, minimal, and avoid repetition.

Fourth, where you’ll be able to, use visuals to inform the story and save on words. I believe at the moment, I would in all probability add a fifth factor: Plan and persist with the plan. Starting your report by clearly envisioning the outcome, planning the page-by-page content and making selections before the keyboard starts to rattle, is the key to sustaining the self-discipline required of all of the 4 other steps.

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In this fashion, the process turns into empowering. It allows all the names involved to deal with what’s actually important and wastes less time in typically unproductive debate. Also, a shorter report means fewer words to proof and proper, fewer drafts to revise, fewer content-suppliers to herd into approve their sections, and far less overall time funding than longer report counterparts. And, stakeholders nonetheless get to know what they should know. This 12 months, Liberty Global revealed a brand new strategic framework. It builds on the legacy framework that Liberty Global created four years in the past and nonetheless plays in the space of alternative, optimistic impression and doing good with digital.

With an overarching theme of Connected Purpose, the new framework has two clear pillars: Digital Imagination and Responsible Connectivity. You will also see the connection to the material impacts reported by Liberty Global, that knowledgeable the brand-new strategic framework. The 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report follows the structure of the strategic framework. In Responsible Connectivity, Liberty Global walks us by means of how the corporate is enhancing customer service, protecting customers’ personal knowledge and helping keep youngsters secure on-line.