Is That Supposed To Be A Joke?

Is that supposed to be a joke? Norway acknowledges the role they have performed. Accordingly they have tremendous investments in alternative energy and R&D utilizing their condition essential oil fund. They are subsidizing electric vehicles in their country and are taking many other steps internationally to atone for the ill effects of all the fossil fuels they’ve been selling the world. Venezuela previously acquired rigorous commitments to protect THEIR environment and natural resources but their dreadful government was not taking care of their own people aside from balancing the effect of their oil on the world at large.

Given the number of cabs taken off the street and cleaned out up scrapping the test delivered an extremely negative message that lots of cabbies really don’t treatment. My advice to everyone involved in the cab trade is don’t make the same mistake again. Cabbies should be challenging that their health insurance and that of their people, is protected. The solutions there are, we just need the political will to make it all happen.

Who has benefited from the Fed’s coup de etat in August 2007? As everybody knows, the rich are receiving even richer and the poor are getting poorer. And lastly, President Jackson wrote one of the most extraordinary, most profound, most profane statements in the history of human history. Can the reader of the article even fathom a political leader anywhere with this planet doing something for the ultimate benefit of the common citizen of his country?

Can the audience even picture a President who is even the least bit thinking about fairness to the poorest residents? This is even more outstanding for the reason that elected president Jackson understood the bankers would try to assassinate him. They tried. President Jackson knew the bankers would shrink the money supply causing a quick financial depression greatly. They did. Yet, the overall economy quickly retrieved just as. Why then, should any of us cede capacity to central bankers who have their own agenda? Why would any of us believe that these bankers learn than we do?

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President Jackson said in his veto document that when things turn unfair, then we, the people, have the right to air our grievances to our governments. Not in China, of course. That takes action could prompt the Chinese gooberment to imprison the complainer. Freedom has to be fought for each day. Otherwise, we Americans shall realize that our greatest strength, our liberty, has been surrendered.

We cannot trust governments. We cannot trust government institutions. And, we surely can’t trust bankers! When geniuses speak, we ought to listen. I will close with another estimate from a genius. Albert Einstein said that. In conclusion, when we pay attention to our politicians and their suggestions to ‘fix things’, unless the first thing out of their mouth area is ‘to eliminate the Fed’, then we have to know they may be an idiot like all the other politicians just. We have to all pray, ‘Please God, send us another Andrew Jackson! Disclaimer: The views talked about in this article are solely the opinion of the writer and have been offered for educational purposes. They aren’t meant to provide as specific investment advice and should not be taken as such. This isn’t a solicitation to buy or sell anything. Readers should seek advice from their registered financial representative to determine the suitability of any investment strategies implemented or undertaken.

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