This Film Also Stars Alicia Silverstone

Beauty Shop is a 2005 American comedy film, aimed by Bille Woodruff. The film acts as both another installment and a spin-off of the Barbershop film franchise, and celebrities Queen Latifah as Gina, a personality first released in the 2004 film Barbershop 2: Back Business. This film also stars Alicia Silverstone, Andie MacDowell, Djimon Hounsou, Kevin Bacon, and Mena Suvari. Gina Norris (Queen Latifah) is a widowed hairstylist that has moved from Chicago to Atlanta so her girl, Vanessa (Paige Hurd), can go to an exclusive music college.

Lando stands close to the system. An Imperial soldier appears. Lord Vader, ship approaching. The soldier bows and leaves the chamber. Lando’s face registers dismay. Luke’s X-wing moves through the clouds as it nears the town. Encountering no city guards, Luke scans the screen -panel with concern. There’s a great activity on the carbon-freezing platform.

Ugnaughts frantically prepare the chamber for use. Han, Chewie, and Leia. You’re being put into carbon freeze. Boba Fett goes from the group to Darth Vader away. Imagine if he doesn’t survive? The stormtroopers are going to bash Chewie in the true face. Han breaks from his captors away. Han provides Wookiee a stern look.

Han winks at the Wookiee, who wails a doleful farewell. Han turns to Princess Leia. Lando winces in sorrow; it makes a life-changing impression on him. Threepio a view of the task. Chewbacca, I cannot see. Lando kneels and adjusts some knobs, measuring the heat. Well, Calrissian, did he survive?

Vader transforms to Boba Fett. He’s all yours bounty hunter. Reset the chamber for Skywalker. I am altering the deal. Luke and open fire on him. Han, and the guards have died. A think metallic door blocks the passing. Luke runs into an anteroom and prevents getting his bearings.

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Artoo stands with his nasal area pressed against the large metal door. Luke walks forward among hissing pipes and vapor cautiously. Luke rises into the chamber, borne by the platform. Warily, Luke strolls toward the stairway. Steam begins to develop in the chamber. Luke sees a dark body sitting on a walkway above him. Luke ignites his sword in answer.

Luke lunges, but Vader repels the blow. Lobot and a dozen of Lando’s guards stand at attention. The guards immediately target their weapons at the startled stormtroopers. What will you be doing? We’re getting out of here. Chewie becomes on Lando and begins to choke him. Lando attempts to free himself from Chewie.

Chewie? He had no choice. We don’t need any of your help. It appears like Han. Chewie finally releases Lando, who fights to back again to get his breathing. I’m terribly sorry about all of this. In the end, he’s only a Wookiee. And with that, the hinged door slams shut. Artoo who rushes toward them, beeping wildly. In outrageous anguish, Chewie howls and begins firing at the ship.

A laser beam bolt explodes close to the princess. Wookiee, however they won’t budge. Their swords clash, the system sways. Vader back again, forcing Vader to use defensive tactics. You have learned much, young one. You’ll find I’m filled with surprises. Vader, just like a giant black parrot, soaring right at him. Behind Luke the hydraulic elevator cover has opened noiselessly. Luke slowly moves back cautiously, from the Dark Lord. Through the steam behind Vader something upward blurs. Vader turns around – and appears up then.

He raises his hand. Obi-Wan has trained you well. Luke is more careful, managing his anger. Vader goads him on. A quick sword exchange and Luke forces Vader back again. Another exchange and Vader retreats. Only your hatred can eliminate me. Breathing hard, Luke jumps in the fresh air, turning a somersault over Vader. Vader retreats before Luke’s skilled sword.