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London Business School delivered 41% of its 2017 graduating course into the consulting occupation. Nikki Gupta, from India originally, grew up in Saudi Arabia and London prior to starting her MBA at London Business School. She is a fresh recruit into the 2020 class and you will be sharing snippets of her day to day on what it’s prefer to have a London MBA experience.

As I write this, I’m completing my first month in London Business School’s MBA program. Looking back, I’m amazed at how much I have done in a month just. I received some (shocking) results of my personality tests; worked on many assignments with my study group; participated all day business simulations playing an executive team person in a low-cost carrier;, and wrote my own eulogy.

Through all this, I can’t help but think about experienced I could not have forecasted before I began. First, I want to offer you some context: I was raised in London. I went to college in the suburbs and did my undergraduate degree in central London. So I have a feeling of what ticks Londoners off.

LBS has struck me as a distinctive bubble of a world completely different from those other sections of my London life. The difference comes along the dimensions of people. In a single day of classes at LBS, I meet far more nationalities than I would else in the town of London anywhere.

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All the stereotypes of Londoners being grumpy, reserved, and always pretty quickly do not apply to the day-to-day at LBS. Instead you get the perfect marriage – London’s location, influence, and buzz combined with LBS’s warmth and almost refreshingly friendly presence. I’d urge future candidates avoid making LBS synonymous with any unfavorable experiences they may have had in London. Don’t judge London as a city just; come to the LBS campus, speak to the learning students, and even test a lecture to observe how Pounds and London flourish jointly.

I’ll be honest, I thought studying yourself was one particular things all MBAs help you are doing by osmosis – not by education. In my first week, we were put through Global Leadership Assessment for Managers (the GLAM course). It had been a lot more human than it sounds. We each got results from our personality testing that showed us how a lot of each kind of characteristic we have. While I expected some things – such as my high degrees of anxiety – I had been amazed by other results, such as high creativity and low openness. I possibly could see how these scores manifested themselves in areas such the way it contributed to my study group or why I sensed less-than-confidence sometimes.

After the test, LBS gave us a gift: one-on-one periods with executive coaches. 488 folks multiplied by 30 mins with an executive trainer each is a staggeringly expensive investment that LBS was making to help us develop. In my 30 mins, I emerged away feeling comprehended and ready. In three days I knew who I used to be, who I needed to be, and ways to get there. I want to defend LBS against this label. Yes, LBS excels in facilitating these profession paths but is from being exclusive to them far. I have ambitions to work in either area don’t.

All in every, month it’s been a great. My sleep cycle is all over the accepted place from the scattered timetable and self-inflicted late nights, I am already over on my entertainment budget for the month and my mattress has finally arrived. This week and appearance forward to posting more snippets in my next post I start the essential classes. Nikki is a former Math tutor and startup founder who’re currently starting the MBA program at London Business School. Her startup is at Education Technology and after four tumultuous years, she wants to use the MBA to gain some big business perspective. Having been a one-man shop her very existence, she desires to are a Product Manager in EdTech post-MBA.

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