A Love/Hate Relationship

Normally, I make an effort to disregard fire wars between Linux Windows and advocates. Both sides have things in common. The flaws have emerged by them on their own side as minor, and the flaws on the other side as major. I want to talk about some of these flaws and I’m going to try to take an objective method of it.

A little description about my background: I used to be on the Windows advocate side. Many of the quarrels that are ones are created by the Home windows advocates that I used to make as well. And some of them I make still. Now, I use Ubuntu at home, and Windows at work – although I would choose to use Ubuntu at work.

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On a side note, I’ll explain one difference between your two groups. People on the Linux part love Linux and hate Windows. People on the Windows side just hate Linux, they don’t seem to show a great love for Windows apart from “it does what I’d like it to do”.

Why is Windows much better than Linux? Below are a few of the reasons given by the Windows part. Easier to use – I will not entirely trust this one. I do think that there are much more things in Linux that have a steep learning curve, but for general use I don’t think either is simpler to use. My sweetheart uses Ubuntu (of her own volition contrary to popular belief, she asked me to set up it) and today has trouble when using Windows since it is new.

I feel the same manner when using a Mac. Better hardware support – That one holds true for newer hardware, since many hardware manufacturers don’t really have Linux as important. Getting my Logitech webcam to utilize both the camera and the microphone was a huge pain, and it still doesn’t work in a great deal of programs. If Linux increases more market talk about on the desktop this may change, but also for it is a problem now.

When I look back again though to when XP came out, it didn’t really work too well either. Windows has better hardware management. The device manager is wonderful. When you can do the same things in Ubuntu with modprobe/lsmod/lsusb/etc. Better media support – Windows has built-in support for MP3s and encoded DVDs. Windows Explorer detects the kind of media that is in your folder (even XP does this) and provides you different columns, etc. to raised manage the mass media. Windows easily has Linux beat here.

However, Linux has Windows beat on a few things. With Linux (or at least Ubuntu), it actually has got the right code you want and installs it. Also a neat thing is within Ubuntu when you mouse more than a music file in Nautilus (the file browser), it starts playing the song until you move the mouse away.

I could see that being cool for when you have LAN celebrations and are browsing a friend’s computer for stuff to yank. App Regularity/Interactivity – Applications in Home windows play better and react more likewise than ones under Linux jointly. Yup, it’s true. Particularly, when the planned programs you prefer are a mix between KDE and GNOME programs. One annoying thing in GNOME is that if I use a single click to activate rather than double click, it generally does not propagate everywhere.

In file browsers for programs I’m still necessary to double click. Not a huge issue, but inconsistent. Why do people choose Linux over Windows? Malware – Windows has viruses. Linux does too but not as much and they’re significantly less dangerous. Of course, you could say it is because Windows has so many more users, but I’ve written about this before and I don’t believe it is simply a matter of market share, there are other factors.