Will TH13 Be Coming THIS SEASON?

This is approximately 90% of the AMA questions and responses. Any programs to re-work the Revenge feature? Right now revenge is totally and utterly ineffective. Oh, boy. That is clearly a tough one. We consent, it’s utterly useless after a certain TH level. I mean player who raided you, amirite? Therefore the Revenge is thought by us feature needs an overhaul. We don’t plan on getting rid of it, but we’re still not entirely sure how exactly we want to make it better.

Will TH13 be coming this year? It’s inevitable that question will pop up. We’ve two more updates planned for all of those other year. While we don’t generally announce major updates such as a new TH until we’re ready to announce it, we have updates planned for mid- to late-autumn and one more for the end of the entire year.

Since we’ve our ESL World Finals at the end of October, we won’t bring in a fresh Town Hall level before the ESL Finals has completed as introducing a fresh TH level would throw the whole competition into disarray. Plus we’d want rivals to have had the chance to max out their bases before competing with them.

With that said, it got us 2.5 years to present TH12 following the release of TH11. As we’ve been stating, we don’t want the same distance of time in between TH12 and TH13. It isn’t giving anything away by saying that there will be a TH13 sooner or later. While this is not a hard commitment to timelines, we wish to release a new TH level every 18 months or so.

That’s not a guarantee, that’s when a new TH will get there, but simply a guideline of how regular we’d like the new content of that size to be released. The entire year We have a fairly big update slated for the end of. Question: Are we going to obtain a Grand warden skin soon?

Yes. With regards to the Grand Warden, the number of players who’ve unlocked him at TH11 is significantly less than players who’ve a Barbarian King and Archer Queen. So we will not be doing Warden skins TOO frequently. However, the Warden has been aching to get his party clothes on, as he’s an outrageous one under those scholarly robes so keep an eye out soon whenever we invite you to the grand, special event.

Will we be getting a 4th siege machine? We do have some new Siege Machine ideas, but nothing at all that really makes us go, “Yes! That’s a concept that works!” There are a few cliche ones, like one that digs underground, but we’re not sold on that. So we’re still tinkering with ideas.

Can we expect holiday skins for the heroes? I cannot say with certainty that we’d execute a holiday-themed skin for those Heroes at onetime. Adding a 6th Builder to the Home Village is something we’ve wished to do for a while. We’ve discussed it and added it for the discharge of TH12 almost.

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But we didn’t want to buy to just be an attribute where you lowered a bunch of Gems and called it a day. BH9. We desired the 6th Builder feel just like an accomplishment by the end of an extended journey rather than just something you bought. It needed to be something F2P players could attain but it wasn’t heading to be so easy that you have it as soon as it released. This question has been asked frequently in the SC Forums but I would like an official answer from you. Whenever there are several 100% tax bases in war roster, what establishes the order of the roster?

I’ve asked this question inside our team talk so easily hear back before the AMA is over, I’ll upgrade my reply here. Can you please describe in details how the 2-Wild Card teams will be chosen for the ESL CoC World Finals that is planned for October 2019?