Argus: An All-in-One Health And Fitness Tracker

Monitoring one’s health and fitness via gadgets and gizmos has turned into a hot trend as of late, but Argus is surging past the rest of the contenders. This application is comprehensive incredibly, letting you monitor your steps, workouts, runs, yoga sessions, diet, sleep, coffee and water intake, weight, and more.

Set personal goals, connect to friends, and view your trends and history. All this information is displayed in your timeline as a web of beautiful sophisticatedly, engaging and advanced honeycomb icons. Click “more” for an overview. You should subscribe and follow us on twitter. Argus’ timeline displayed with a honeycomb effect will amazing you from the get-go.

The application automatically offers you the weekday and date as well as the local high temperature for your day. Also, each day as you carry your phone around with you, Argus will record and automatically screen your steps. Your timeline is displayed in a grid of honeycombs, displaying all your activity and stats.

  • KB Swing – 20 reps (1-0-1)
  • 3rd place Miss Sexy Bikini at Mr. Olympia, Las Vegas/USA
  • Possible stomach discomfort (I have no issue with it, but some individuals complained about any of it)
  • 2 1/2 tablespoon of lime juice
  • It is principally used in cooking food and a common kitchen component for various quality recipes
  • Maintain a food journal,
  • Abdominal pain accompanied by shoulder pain and/or back again pain
  • 50% carbs

The remaining data that can potentially be shown is your decision to include. To track a task, faucet the plus register top of the right. Now you’ll see a list of any activities you’ve lately tracked, as well as popular activities. Argus can tell you about how many calories you can expect to burn while participating in a certain activity. If there’s an activity you’d prefer to monitor that you don’t see on the list, use the search club at the top.

If it’s one Argus is capable of tracking, your search will return an outcome. Automatic tracking is easy: Just make sure your step counter is on, plus GPS, if necessary, and then click Start. To manually enter an activity, or even to record an activity from days gone by, select the Manual tab instead.

You’ll need to get into the start time and time as well as the duration and possibly the length. Make Argus monitor a task as it occurs automatically, or add a task later personally. Each activity you enter can look as a honeycomb in your timeline. If you want to delete an entrance or view more details, just tap it.

For example, tapping Daily Steps will reveal a task level graph, distance, amount of active time and calories burnt. Argus displays the calories burned for each activity you track, which means you know wherever you stand with your efforts. And for a few activities, such as walking, the app displays total calories burned plus distinguishes between basal calories burned and calories burned because of this of the specific activity.