Exotic TG Captions

Every world in the galaxy finally reached its logical end. The feminine had won the fight of the sexes. Men volunteered initially to simply accept life as a woman. Contests and honors were used Then. Finally, the last man lost his pride. Androids stuffed the assignments men stuffed previously while offering their woman rather than frustrating her. Every client of TG Inc was satisfied. The business model no longer worked well. Here we see Cherry, the replacement for the last man standing, Gary. The world TG Inc created naturally would reach a bottom line; everyone was female.

Male infants were turned within a couple of hours and the lone holdouts in the hillside would eventually die or be captured and taken to a retraining middle. The judge experienced it was in society’s best interest to keep the company is in receivership for so long as possible to take care of the rare case emerging from the woods. That is it, folks. The final good-bye. It was an awesome journey, girls. If I move this way I’m sure to talk about an account or three again. But my programs shall take me in another path for now.

Our avowed goal nowadays is to develop continuously the speed of which we collapse energy gradients. Thus giving us what we should call wealth and it is believed to increase our well-being. The next assertion is the object of hot dispute and the guts of our inquiry here. Alan Watts, the fantastic interpreter of Zen to the West, liked to point out that we don’t sing a tune or dance a dance to access the finish.

These pursuits are exciting in their process, not their completion. The arts are often characterized as the best fruits of civilization, and yet, they signify pursuits that are good in and of themselves, and not for a little purpose outside of themselves. We enjoy the beauty for itself, not to be able to get something done. Beauty is the ultimate end, not the means.

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  2. Common sense
  3. 8 years back from Kingston-Upon-Hull
  4. Set up makes to perform the ambush
  5. The funeral industry is morbid or ‘dark’

The huge amounts of work which we can have finished by exploiting the energy gradients available from fossil fuels and uranium have caused us to get overly worried about means. We can now accomplish so much that we spend very little time contemplating what’s worth accomplishing. Everything becomes a musical instrument to accomplish something else Almost, all in the service of increasing the rate of which we collapse energy gradients which is considered to lead to wealth which, subsequently, is considered to lead to well-being.

The discussion which we are now engaging in and you will be forced to activate in for a long time is this: What rate of exploitation of the Earth’s energy gradients is sufficient for a good life? Our answer for the past century and a half has simply been “a higher rate.” And yet, on its face this answer has no qualitative element.