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One year commitment: no signing up for fee required. On both options payments plus appropriate tax shall commence every fourteen days predicated on your start day. No additional fees are required above the specified fees. Other conditions apply, see club for details. At taking part night clubs, where available, and during staffed hours. Smart Tan Rules apply. Must be age of majority to utilize these ongoing services. 44 plus applicable tax. Payments plus appropriate tax will commence every two weeks based on your start date. No additional fees are required above the specified fees. Other conditions apply, see membership for details.

Do you have a history in dance and fitness? Or do you just love pole dance? If you’re not already certified in fitness or fitness, or even if you are, you may want to consider pole certifications. You are holding people’s health and bodies in your hands, and that means you want to make sure you are well-versed in how to take care of them.

You can read more on pole certifications HERE. Are you going to teach all the classes or will you hire instructors? What is a fair wage? Will they may be required by you to be accredited? Do you want to pay their insurance on their behalf or make sure they are pay? Many studios trade services with their instructors.

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  • Protein: 4g
  • How to record absences. Who to contact so when contact should be made
  • Focus on eating lots of vegetables and lean protein

The tax man will want a piece of that action, so be careful in how you work out barters. Will you carry shoes, clothing, hold helps or other products on the market? That may require some cash up front. You might need a license to pay sales taxes to your state also.

How will you advertise your studio? Marketing is not cheap. Sure, sociable mass media sites like Twitter and Facebook will help you with free marketing opportunities. But, don’t overlook simple ideas like creating fliers with discounts for other businesses in your area. As you build strong associations with your neighbours, that may bring in business as well. Yeah, I understand, I’m a buzzkill. I don’t bring all of these up to destroy anyone’s dream of owning a pole studio. Pole studios have been starting and shutting at an alarming rate. At a meeting last 12 months, Year United Pole Artists reported that there had been almost zero development in the last.

Not because no studios were starting, but because studios were shutting at the same rate as these were starting. Jennifer Michelle Marketing (of PoleSkivvies fame) recently reported she was having trouble phoning studios because these were out of business. I know a couple of places that lasted six months just.