8 Fastest Growing Financial Services Jobs: 2019

For those searching for job opportunities in the financial services sector, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has data that can help you decide which kind of job has the best prospects. We last viewed the sector in 2012 when the BLS released 10-yr forecasts for careers predicated on 2010 data.

This is, the agency up to date its forecasts to reflect 2012 numbers. About 50 % the working jobs in the category could keep pace with or outstrip the economy all together, which is likely to create about 11% more jobs from 2012 to 2022. One occupation, insurance underwriter, is forecast to deal.

But, and this might be surprising considering the economy is stronger now, the new BLS forecast is leaner than its estimations from two years earlier. Only 1 equaled the earlier prognostication even. Here then are the financial services jobs grouped by the BLS and ranked from lowest projected job growth through 2022 to highest.

The outlook has grown markedly worse for this occupation and associated with laid at your toes of automation. Fans of “Mad Men” won’t be surprised that computer systems are gobbling up jobs. While budget experts shall be had a need to provide their expertise to a complex task, authorities spending constraints shall keep expansion is this occupation below that of the entire economy. Although growth is expected, your competition will be stiff. Those with a Grasp’s level may have an edge.

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The BLS says changes in Federal government law could create an even higher demand for real estate agents needed to sell health insurance and long-term treatment and medical health insurance. The recovery of the true estate market after the bursting of the casing bubble in 2008 bodes well for those who want to help others find a spot to live. The development of investment banking means there’ll be a chance for jobs. They’ll also be plenty of competition, so an advanced degree and qualification shall be helpful.

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