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To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Kat Von D has come out with an anniversary collection, which includes a palette. And I will not be buying. Out of most of the palettes, Pastel Goth is my favorite, and I am happy that it is possessed by me. However, I also find Pastel Goth to be very light (same with some of the matte shades in Metal Matte), which will make it difficult to work with.

So even though I have no plan or wish to buy the anniversary palette, I also didn’t have plans to own the above mentioned three palettes, and we can all observe how that performed out. However, I must say I can’t see myself purchasing the new Kat Von D palette since it just looks a lot like most Kat Von D palettes which have released before few years. I think we can all agree that this is a lovely palette, and I think (in promotional images) it appears like it was curated quite well.

It has a mix of warm and cool shades as well as neutrals and colors. It feels balanced evenly. Unlike so many palettes releasing right now, it’s not a neutral palette with a couple of pops of color. It includes a really complementary color system. Even better, the colors are on trend but aren’t too trendy they are essentially disposable.

If I didn’t own so many palettes, this might definitely be something that I’d consider purchasing. But I really do. And my guess is that if you’re interested in this palette and have found your way to my blog, you probably do too. Lately, when I’ve seen swatches provided by a brand name, I have already been made by it want the palette significantly less than I did before. But with these swatches, I must admit that I am tempted. However, we all know by that brand swatches are extremely misleading now.

And I have to say that Kat Von D is definitely one of the worst offenders with this. When I look at the swatches in underneath the photo, I have to admit that we now have not any that I don’t currently have or like enough to need it again.

  • Regular baths with oatmeal shampoo (monthly)
  • Sale! Slimline Lip Pencils
  • Free Throw Percentage (FT%)
  • Take a walk
  • Pureauty Naturals Natural Skin Lightening Serum
  • Changes in gait (walking design that is clearly a painful, yielding a limp)

It makes sense to me that a wedding anniversary palette would be filled with “classic” Kat Von D shades. But, this palette claims to have 16 new tones. And herein lies the “issue” with buying Kat Von D palettes: frequently, if you get one, you have the essential color scheme of several moving forward.

Between many of these palettes, I definitely feel like I have protected the entirety of the anniversary palette color structure several times over. To name a few. 52 before tax, which feels steep. 8, Sinner, and Saint had eight more shadows. But the thing that the anniversary palette has going for it that Saint and Sinner didn’t be that the color scheme flows nicely and there appears to be some “sense” to it. AFTER I first saw Saint and Sinner, I had not been attracted to it because the colors felt so random and unorganized whatsoever.

Even now, after being gifted Saint and Sinner, It really is found by me difficult to look at it and feel inspired. I typically get too overwhelmed and don’t even know the place to start. So the truth that the wedding anniversary palette is “curated” is certainly an optimistic, but that doesn’t mean that the shades are not repetitive.