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Overall I found the hedge funds a lot more innovative in asking questions, as the banks ask the normal brainteasers that everyone who has prepared a bit already knows (is it possible to believe I had been asked “why are manhole covers circular?”!!!). The question was difficult because every vault guide says in ibanking interviews you must never confess to being interested in money – you are supposed to caution more about client service, industry developments etc..

Luckily I proceeded to go with my intuition and ended up being right. How will you calculate forwards rates? This is a great book to find out about derivatives, and the whole story of the brains behind the derivatives industry, as well as the pitfalls of counting on formulas to get billions. That is more of a fun read from the founder of hedge fund Traxis Partners, Barton Biggs. It gives a great understanding into the more long-term macro-level thinking that characterizes successful investors. Another great book on investing by former George Soros partner, Victor Niederhoffer. He writes about interesting myths and techniques in trading and about market mindset.

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  1. If you shop around, you may get a better return from money markets, CDs, and corporate and business bonds
  2. 8% a) A U.S. Govt. savings bond
  3. Cannot liquidate the loans early
  4. 3 main types of financial systems

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