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Everybody nowadays is a liar and a thief. We all know about US and China propaganda. Now, go through the Germans. The car manufacturer Volkswagen was captured cheating the emissions standards in their diesel vehicles. Their biggest bank or investment company, Deutsche Bank, was again fined for cheating and stealing as they rigged libor rates.

6 billion. Seems these were also laundering money for the Russian gangster land. Of course, there is no problem. In today’s global world run by the new world order of bankers, if the bank can’t pay the fines the central bankers of Europe will just steal the money from the ignorant sheep and give it to the bank.

How do you say ‘liar’ in German? Talking about liars, how about a joke? It is – Chinese financial data Here! Yeah, I know. Please, stop laughing. Think about another joke? Here it is – US financial data! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Very few companies report rising income actually.

Few still record real rising earnings. Sure, companies are buying back stock, making ‘accounting adjustments’, keeping track of ‘statutory income’ as real income, laying off workers, and pretending that ‘one time expenses’ aren’t really ongoing expenses. For instance, the bankers all pretend that legal fees are ‘one-offs’. Well, when you are in the criminality business, legal expenses are in reality ongoing expenditures.

  • 10 million dollars per season guaranteed
  • Professional deals
  • No fees on capital gains, dividend income and no withholding tax on dividends
  • Large Scale Industries (LSI)
  • 50,000+5,000+5,550+6055+6,660.5 = Rs. 73265.5*10/100 = Rs. 7,326.55
  • 15 Received payment from Quinton Co. for invoice of March 5
  • Physical measurements (if needed)
  • 12 760,361 25,353 4.5% 32,416

It’s part to do business. But, income these days come from accounting trickery. As an example, soda sales have been trending lower for decades. Yet the stock prices of Pepsi and Coke have been increasing for years. McDonald’s stock hit an all-time high this week, even as income has declined for seven straight quarters.

And, while McDonald’s claims the new breakfast menu is a hit, many franchisees record the exact contrary. Truth and Reality are damned. Stock prices must always rise to carefully keep the elite even more elite and richer. Then you have the political clown show in the US. The slime that passes for presidential applicants all appear to lament that the income disparity in the US reaches an all-time high.

Indeed. However, Ms. Clinton in particular seems a little disingenuous on this topic as she has spent her life in politics in Washington, New, and DC York. Washington DC is number one (as rated by all surveys) as having the most income disparity and New York is the worst state for income disparity. All she’s done for all those in her life is to work to help make the wealthy richer and the indigent poorer.

Poor old Bernie Sanders laments the same concern and it is yet completely clueless regarding the solution. Sadly he rails against capitalism. But if Mr. Sanders got a single functioning brain cell he would realize that capitalism was active righting the wrongs of corporate greed in 2008 until that capitalistic cleaning process was rudely interrupted. As most of us recall, the banksters bankrupted themselves with almost all their derivative trading.

Capitalism stepped in and began to reprice the stock prices of the offending companies at something close to the zero. These were all moving away from business. Goldman Sachs. Bank or investment company of America. Citigroup. JP Morgan. Wachovia (keep in mind them?). Lehman. AIG. Need I go on? But the Congress to which both Mr then. A and Sanders. Clinton belonged abdicated their duty and surrendered the country to the most vile of most bankers – the FRB.