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The purpose of this post is to go over the ten key factors that a business owner should consider in their once in an eternity opportunity to increase the rewards of their life’s use the sale of their business. You started your company 20 years ago “in your garage”, proved helpful many 80-hour weeks, bootstrapped your growth, view your organization with the satisfaction of an entrepreneur, and are actually considering your leave. 1. Usually do not wait around long too.

Exit your business from a position of power, not from the necessity of weakness. Don’t allow that next big deal hold off your sale. You can reward yourself for that transaction you talk to close with an intelligently written sale contract containing contingent payments in the foreseeable future if that event occurs.

2. Get ready for life after business. Most of us create business programs both and informally formally. We all plan for vacations. We plan our parties. We need to plan for the most important financial event of our lives, the sale of our business. Typically a privately held business represents greater than 80% of the owner’s net worth.

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Start out with your programs of how you want to enjoy the rewards of your labor. Where would you like to travel? What interests have you been meaning to start out? What volunteer work have you designed to do? Where do you want to live? What job could you do if money were not an issue? You will need to manually establish an identification for yourself outside of your business. 3. Liven up your business to generate the utmost value in a sale. Given that you are excited about the fun things you’ll do once you exit your business, it’s now time to concentrate on the things that you can do to maximize the worthiness of your business upon sale.

This topic is enough content for an entire article, however, we will touch upon several important points briefly. First, engage a specialist CPA firm to do your books. Buyers fear risk. Audited or evaluated financial statements from an established accounting company reduced the notion of risk. Do not expect the buyer to give you credit for something that does not come in your books.

If you find that a big percentage of your business comes from an extremely few customers, go on a program immediately to reduced customer focus. Buyers fear that when the dog owner exits the major customers are at risk of leaving as well. Begin to delegate management activities immediately and identify successors internally.