How Free You Ask?

This weeks RSS and website sponsor is the awesome free Layers WordPress theme by theme veterans, Obox. With WordPress now powering 1/4 of the internet, the CMS is “blogging software” conversations are officially dirt. There is also no denying the increase in One Page WordPress designs. But still some are quick to turn off the idea on the One Pager using WordPress with the mention of blogging.

They ignore that WordPress is a good piece of software with excellent infrastructure to develop any website on. One-Page websites not only use WordPress because of their content management but for the usage of a sea of quality free plugins for SEO, security, and speed – all elements needed in One Page website design.

Simply put, Layers is a free WordPress theme that enables you to create a robust website all within WordPress’s new theme customized. This implies you don’t have to return and forwards between your dashboard as well as your website. All the action happens real-time as you edit within the customer on the left.

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How free you ask? This isn’t your normal free product. This is a quality, well backed offering by a practiced group of WordPress lovers – the Box team has been around since the beginning. So you’re probably thinking how they make money and that’s a good question before you commit your next project to Layers – it requires to be lasting. They offer high-quality add-ons to Layers as well as pre-designed premium designs that integrate with Layers. Not to mention Obox have a fleet of WordPress themes they’ve built over the past a decade. So yeah, they’ve got your backs!

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