Is It Worthy Of All The Buzz?

It was the first day back from spring rest. Now, I love fairytale movies. They’re one of the best things to watch. I love Emma Watson also, therefore I was looking forward to this film really. Unfortunately, I feel it did not live up to what it could’ve been. Maybe that’s since it possessed too much buzz and exhilaration around it, so I emerged in with high dreams, or possibly it just was missing truly.

The backstory was what you’d expect of your fairytale retelling. There is nothing at all unique about any of it really, though I cannot condemn the freelance writers for this since it is hard to be original when confronted with a fairytale remake. So, Personally I think like in these circumstances, it is important for the director to surpass the duty of uniqueness, something that Bill Condon didn’t do.

Bill Condon is a reasonably well-known and well-received director known mostly for his use Twilight, Dreamgirls, and Chicago. He has some accomplishments under his belt amazingly. Beauty and the Beast are not one of them. Full of over-exaggerated visuals that were more distracting than pleasing, Beauty and the Beast lacked in any creative staging and original perception.

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There were some displays where all I needed to do was close my sight and listen to the dialogue or beats, than actually see what was happening preferably. Despite that, I got entertained throughout the movie. Was it a creative or literary masterpiece? No. But, does it need to be? Also, there have been a couple of scenes that were little “wink-winks” to the queer community, which I, despite being somewhat of your cynic as it pertains to advance with sociable issues, loved and thought was well done actually.

For example, there is a landscape where everyone was dancing at a royal ball, and two men accidentally fall into each other, but they are not at all opposed to it and evidently are attracted to each other actually. There’s another scene that exposes some queerness. A combined group of individuals coded as men are being attacked by a wardrobe, and they all get dressed up in dresses and makeup and other typically expected “feminine” articles.

Where two of the three people are appalled and try to escape in terror, one of these loves the way they look. I appreciated these little occurrences because they were not overbearing, and I did not think they were found in a tokenizing way. Rather, they plainly conveyed a subtle, yet simple communication that queerness has and always will exist in any place, even fairytale worlds. Overall, I got glad it was watched by me. It was not a waste of time. It has not become my all-time favorite film, but it was entertaining nonetheless.