Joli Natural Skin Care

If you’ve attained this blog it’s very likely you’re a natural goddess (or god) yourself and you’re interested in living as natural a life as you can. As you can plainly see by those above hashtags I am ABOUT NATURAL too! About everything, I really do is as natural as can be Just, as sustainable as can be, as environmentally friendly as can be (within the constraints of modern living). We just have one earth and we have to take care of it!

We only have one body and we need to take care of it! What we should put in our anatomies and what we should put on our anatomies are similarly important, don’t you agree? I began my company JOLI Natural Skin Care because my family were having effects to skin care products and I wanted something a lot more natural that people could use. Even before then I was into home cooking and food preparation from damage, into gardening and not using pesticides and other artificial chemicals (created from petrochemicals – also known as crude oil).

I learned more and more about the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis, as well as all the many different ways we abuse our planet and its inhabitants. My BIG WHY is to reduce the quantity of chemicals people touch throughout their lives! I’ve written weblogs and made videos about green cleaning. Natural beauty can be an obsession of mine and it’s really rare to find an iffy product in my collect (it can happen though – I get them as presents).

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I’m also teaching my children this way of living, educating them on the need for looking after our planet and our anatomies. Clean eating is important also. AFTER I met my husband he cooked with jars of sauces and I said, “No dependence on those sauces I can make sure they are by scratch”.

Then proceeded showing my then boyfriend my culinary skills. I’m not the worlds best make, yet I could come up with delicious, wholesome meals. Our bin hardly ever needs emptying because we either recycle nearly all what we should use or compost. That being said, the plastic material is hard to move away from increasingly. Increasingly more products are coming pre-packaged in soft plastic, even though this is red-cycled it’s not ideal.

Plus I’m not necessarily sure paper (cutting down trees) is any better? Anyone care to share some information regarding this? Clothing is also an issue because it’s hard to know how and where something is made. There are certain chains I stay away from in this regard and prefer to go out shopping and recycle my clothing. What green brands do you know of? Bamboo Village is one place I love to support. Tell me how many other areas and ways are to live green there? What ways do your home is green and do your bit to save the earth and yourself? P.S. This is actually the final post for this blog site. If you wish to retain in touch you can certainly do so via the next options.

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